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Choir Master : Marin MOREST

Marin Morest enters « The Belgian Boys Choir » in 2005 as chorister and soloist and took part of their concerts in Belgium and across Europe (The Nederlands, Germany, Austria and France). He was then under the leading of Anthony Vigneron and later Thimothée Yannart.
He passed his degree in Choir’s Direction in the class of Cyril Englebert at IMEP School in 2021. As assistant, he worked under the supervision of Benoît Giaux and Aldo Platteau at the Children’s and Youth Choir of La Monnaie (Brussels). He had been counseled by Chefs like Hans Leenders and Daniel Reuss while participating to their Masterclasses.

Marin Morest is piano teacher since 2017 at the Music Academy of Mouscron and goes on with his activities as pianist, piano accompanist and chorister. In 2021 he is also became Artistic Director of the Atelier Choral of the Music Academy of Tourcoing and in 2022 choirmaster of the Belgian Boys Choir. He leads them in concerts in Belgium and across Europe.

Piano accompanist : Keith BAUSIER

Born in 1999, Keith Bausier begins at 7 years old by learning piano at the Music Academy of Ath in the piano class of Nicolas Laline.
He enters the Belgian Boys Choir in 2008 as chorister and soloist in multiple concerts in Belgium and across Europe (Zwitserland, Italy, France,…)
Passionate about piano he went on his musical formation in the Royal Conservatory of Music in Mons in 2019 in the class of Yuka Izutsu. And he is actually learning a Master in Didactic.

Keith Bausier has already accompanied the Belgian Boys choir in rehearsals and concerts. He is also accompanist of the Royal Choir « Rencontre » in Ath and several other choirs in Belgium when needed.

Vocal Coach : Timothée YANNART

Passionate about Music, Thimothée Yannart began at 8 years old by entering percussions class at the Music Academy of Ath where he went on with saxophone, organ and singing class. In 2008 he enters the Royal Conservatory of Music in Mons where he learned Music composition with Denis Pousseur and Jean-Luc Fafchamps, Master in Didactic with Beatrice Mestdagh and Choir’s Direction with Denis Menier. He is actually still learning Lyric Singing with Laurence Frère at IMEP school in Namur and he is singer in « Octuor vocal du Hainaut ». He is also music, music’s history and singing teacher in the Music Academy of Ath.
He was The Belgian Boys Choir ‘s leader from 2017 to 2023 and he led them in concerts, weddings, european tours. He is now vocal coach of the boys.
He is pursuing a Master's degree at the Imep institute in Namur.

Individual rehearsal : Noëlla DELSAUT

Noëlla Delsaut was born in a music lovers and amateur musicians’ family so it was natural for her to follow several music lessons at the Music Academy of Ath such as music, piano, singing, melody, chamber music and so on. She received the first Price of Excellence in Singing.
She has a degree in pedagogy and had been nursery school teacher. After some years of teaching, she entered the Royal Conservatory of Music in Mons where she completed her singing abilities and received the First Price in Singing Concert.
Noëlla Delsaut is an active member of the Royal Choir « Rencontre » in Ath for more than 20 years. She is also singer in « The Little Choir » as chorister and soloist when performing with a chamber orchestra. She sang in other countries such as Germany, Spain, France, Poland, , Hungary and Austria.
She is responsible of the musical and vocal formation of the Belgian Boys Choir since 1998.

Assistant Choir Master : Jean-Luc MANZI

Jean-Luc Manzy is chorister in the Belgian Boys Choir and now assistant choirmaster in rehearsals, concerts or liturgical ceremonies.
He began his classical music formation as a little boy in the Belgian Boys Choir and developed his vocal abilities along the years and is going on with his singing formation at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Mons under the supervision of Thierry Migliorini. He also had the opportunity to work with Peter Ickx, Dietrich Henschel, Michèle Losier and Axel Everaert.
At the same time, Jean-Luc is a chorister in the symphonic European Union’s Choir and some other vocal groups. He performed in several productions such as a Valet in « Les contes d’Hoffman » directed by Philippe Gérard, Cécile Bois and Marcel Vanaud.
He is also Choirmaster for different choirs in Belgium and is learning to become conductor.

Père Tanguy RIVIERE: Chaplain of the choir and of the Pueri Cantores Federation

Tanguy Rivière became Father at 33 years old in the Premontre abbey of Leffe. He agreed to become chaplain of the choir and he gives joyfull and spiritual counsels to the boys since 2015.

Direction administrative

Ghislain de CANDOLLE 

Christiane BOURRY
Direction générale - Administrateur délégué

Joachim BOURRY 
Trésorier et Secrétaire


Brigitte de WITTE Administrateur

Marin MOREST Administrateur